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Places To Spread The Word When Your Agent Exceeds Expectations

One of the best feelings you can encounter in the world of real estate is working with an agent who exceeds your expectations. When you're buying or selling, having a conscientious agent who listens to your needs and delivers the desired outcome is an ideal scenario. Given your satisfaction with the process of buying or selling, it's nice to offer the agent some kind words that may help his or her business. Beyond actually calling your agent and explaining just how pleased you are, here are some different places that you can spread the word about your agent.

On The Agent's Website

Many real estate agents have a section for testimonials on their website. Given that you're so happy with your agent, it's nice to write something that can be included on this page. The key to a good testimonial is to be specific and to use examples to back up your words. For example, if you used a buying agent, you should write how the agent was patient and showed you more than a dozen homes over the course of several months and never pressured you to settle for anything short of your ideal house. Agents will happily accept new testimonials from clients, as they can help to boost their business.

On Social Media

Social media is an ideal tool for exchanging any sort of information, so it makes sense to use your Facebook or Twitter account for spreading the word about your satisfaction with your agent. Navigate to the agent's Facebook page, for example, and write a testimonial about your experience. Your words will automatically appear on the page, giving people who may follow the agent an extra reason to hire the agent. You can also use Twitter to write a short message about the agent and "tag" the agent in your tweet. A social media-savvy agent will then retweet this message to his or her followers.

On A Review Site

There are a number of real estate sites that allow you to review and rate agents. Find a site that your agent belongs to and write a recommendation on his or her page. If you can rate the agent on a star system, make sure to do so — for example, rate the agent's service with five stars out of five. Many people browsing the site when looking to hire an agent will concentrate their search on those who have the highest ratings from clients.