Finding The Perfect House

Ideas For Creating An Eye-Catching Real Estate Listing

When putting together the perfect real estate listing to sell your home, you need to make sure it catches the eyes of potential buyers. This requires the inclusion of necessary information combined with creative tactics to help your listing stand out. The following can help you craft such a listing.

Get professional photographs

Don't just snap a photo of each room with your smartphone and call it good enough. With more and more home buyers shopping online, it is vital that your photographs stand out. Consider having the home professionally staged before having the photographs taken. At the very least, remove all extraneous items from the rooms and simplify the décor.

It's best if you also opt for professional photographs. A skilled real estate photographer can capture every room from its best angle – even those small and awkward spaces like a bathroom. They also know how to capture the best light for a room or at least emulate it with extra lighting.

Consider a video tour

One way to make your listing stand out is to have a video tour. A walk through of the home and grounds via video can help get a browsing buyer excited about touring your house. The most common style of tour is a simple walk through with a handheld video camera, possibly with spoken narration.

Another option that is gaining in popularity is the drone tour. A drone equipped with a camera is sent to tour every nook and cranny of your home and property, possibly even going high to show nearby neighborhood highlights like a park. These are also usually narrated, although you can opt to have the video set to music and to have on-screen verbiage to describe the home.

Avoid the list-making trap

There are certain things that need to be included in every listing – location, number of beds and baths, square footage, nearby amenities, etc. The problem is that many listings simply list these items. The result becomes boring to read through and hard to absorb when buyers are sifting through multiple ads.

Instead, turn the list into a narrative. For example, the house isn't simply a 2000-square-foot, three-bed, two-bath home near the lake. It's a spacious yet charming three-bedroom, two-bath home overlooking the crystal waters of the nearby lake. Although spacious at 2000 square feet, the warm hardwood floors evoke a cozy feeling.

The difference between a simple list and a narrative is that the narrative evokes an image and a feeling in the buyer, while also encouraging them to focus on and register the details. This is more likely to make them feel interested in your home, rather than bored.

For more help in crafting the perfect listing, contact an agent or company such as The Home Town Team at RE/MAX Integrity.