Finding The Perfect House

Making A Move And Need To Buy A House Fast? Real Estate Mistakes To Avoid

Are you relocating and you have to go through homes for sale in a short amount of time, so each house you have to go into should be a realistic option? If so, you want to be straightforward with the agent you choose right away.

You don't want to waste your time or the agent's, and you don't want to waste the time of the homeowners whose houses you walk through. When you set up your day to go through houses with an agent in the area where you are moving, tell them the following:

Don't Show Us Listings Above Budget

You don't want your real estate agent to show you listings that are above your budget, with the hopes that you can give a lower offer and get a good deal on the property. This could get you into a bidding war, you could end up not getting the property and being disappointed, or you could end up paying more than you wanted or more than you can afford. Tell your agent you don't want to see anything out of the designated price range unless they plan on lowering their commission or the price has dropped after it was posted.

Let Us See Houses Listed with all Agencies

It's common for real estate agents to show you houses listed by other agents in their current agency, but this may mean you miss out on great properties that are listed with other brokerages. Let the agent know that you want to see all of the houses in the area that meet your criteria, regardless of listing company and agent.

Avoid Contingent Properties

If you are working with a tight schedule, you don't have time to see houses that are already under contract, and that may or may not fall through later on before the deal closes. You want houses that are available for offers, that aren't currently under contract, and that you could realistically purchase and close on when needed.

You can work efficiently at finding a house if you don't mess around with houses that are out of budget or not currently available. Find a real estate agent that knows you don't want to waste any time trying to find a property to move into and who will take the time to find you the perfect house that you need no matter where it's listed or who owns it.