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Cat Owners: You'll Really Value These Qualities In An Apartment

As a cat owner, your first priority when looking for an apartment is likely to find one that accepts pets. But beyond that there are certain features that you'll want an apartment to have in order to make life easier both for your pet, and for you as a cat owner.  Before you sign a lease on that pet-friendly apartment, make sure it offers these amenities.

A door you can close to lock your cat in one room.

Open floor plans are all the rage these days. Many small, studio apartments especially do not have doors separating the living areas. Unfortunately, as a cat owner, this is not a layout that will work well for you. There are going to be times when you want to restrict your cat's access to parts of the apartment. You may have an allergic or cat-phobic friend over and need to lock your cat away for a few hours, or you may want to get your kitty out of the way while you serve a delicious dinner. Make sure you have at least one room that closes off with a door so you can accomplish this without locking your cat in a tiny crate.

An area with a hard floor.

Surely carpeting is comfortable. But it is not a good surface upon which to set a litter box or a cat's food. If you put these items on a carpeted floor, you'll likely be paying for an expensive professional carpet cleaning when it comes time to move out. Make sure your apartment has at least one area where there are hard floors. This way, you can put the cat's food and litter box in this area and more easily clean up any messes that might occur.

Windows your cat can access safely.

Many cats get a little ornery when they don't have any entertainment. Most cats are highly entertained by being able to see the outdoors through windows. They like to watch birds fly by and lounge in the sunlight. Make sure the apartment you're renting has cat-friendly windows. They must be low enough that your cat can jump up into the sills or rest on nearby furniture and look out them. They must also have screens so that you can open them during the summer and let some air in without worrying that your cat will escape.

Just because an apartment allows cats does not mean it's the right place for you and your kitty. Look for a place that offers cat-friendly windows, hard floors, and closing doors, and the both of you will be happier.

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