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Three Areas To Keep In Mind When Browsing Online For A Real Estate Agent

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent to list your home, one of your first steps in the process will likely be to visit several agents' websites and compare them. Real estate agent websites often have a number of similarities, but by perusing several sites and looking for a variety of key elements, you'll have a better idea of which agent you might wish to hire to help you get the most value for your home. This research phase often takes place before you pick up the phone and call any agents. Here are three factors to keep in mind as you browse each site.


Real estate agents who specialize in listing and selling homes will typically have a section of their site that features the listings they currently have for sale. There are several things to keep in mind as you browse this section. Check how many listings the agent currently has and how similar they are in price and features to your home; it's ideal to hire an agent with experience selling in your price range. Additionally, observe the online features that the agent's listings provide prospective clients. Photos and floor plans are valuable, but you want to use an agent who makes use of modern technology such as 3D walk-throughs and video tours.

Sale Statistics

When you're listing your home for sale, the biggest factors on your mind are likely how much you can get for it and how quickly it can be sold. It's common for agents to have a website section that provides their recently sold listings. On this page, many agents will indicate the time each home spent on the market and what percentage of the original lasting price it sold for. Look for an agent who provides a quick turnaround time; it's likely an indicator that he or she has connections with local buying agents who will be able to introduce clients to your home.

Agent Accolades 

Real estate agents' websites often have a section that provides a biography for the agent and lists any accolades he or she has earned. You should ideally think about hiring an agent who has won awards handed out by his or her brokerage company or even the real estate board for your state. You can also look for any advanced training the agent might have taken in recent years, as this will show a dedication to keeping skills fresh and being up to date on industry trends.