Finding The Perfect House

Sellers Should Stage The Scene Outdoors, Too

According to the National Housing Trend Report, homes spend an average of 102 days on the market before they're snatched up by a buyer. But that's just the average. There are many who sit with the view of a "For Sale" sign in the front yard for many months, even years, at a time. How can you set your home apart from the competition? Make your outdoor space look like a relaxing oasis with just a few simple changes.

Clear Out Clutter

It can be hard to keep your yard from looking like your kid's toy box exploded, leaving plastic buckets and balls in its wake. Put away the kiddie pool, and invest in a chest to hold all your children's playthings. A potential homeowner wants to look outside and picture themselves grilling on the deck, playing with their dog, or having a pass with their own kids – which can be hard to do when they're distracted by your kid's toys.

Remove Any Eyesores

You know that dilapidated shed that has been empty since before you moved in? It's time to take that down. Buyers don't want to see extra projects, and the demolition of an unusable shed, piece of play equipment, or other large object, can turn them off.

Fix that Fence

You can often refresh older items with a coat of fresh paint. If you used to have a white picket fence, but lately it's been looking more shabby than chic, take a weekend to paint it. With the investment of just a few cans of paint and brushes you can spark added interest from home seekers.

Invest in Lush Landscaping

Overgrown grass is never something people want to see when searching for a new home. It makes it seem that the property has been uncared for, and they will assume the house has had the same treatment. Either make an appointment for a landscaper to give your lawn some TLC, or do it yourself.

While home buyers may be able to look past your unkempt yard, it could have a negative effect on the amount of money you receive from the sale. Put your best foot forward with a well-manicured, neat outdoor area. This will get people excited to purchase your home, meaning you will get top dollar on the sale. After you've gotten your yard in order, you might as well start packing and contact your real estate agent. You'll be able to slap that SOLD sign on in no time!