Finding The Perfect House

Investigate The Micro And The Macro Of A Potential Property Investment

Many beginners to investment property go into the process looking for something they like rather than something that will give them a return. You cannot approach the process this way. The things you look for in an investment property have to do with business, not your personal sense of taste. It all starts with gathering knowledge:

Gather Knowledge about the Property and Its Surroundings

You need to know everything about a potential property. This goes for investments of all types, but more so for properties. It's easy to see something nice and want to make a purchase, but just because a property looks good, doesn't mean it's a good investment.

The micro – You need to know about the property. You have to look into every aspect of the property. Inquire from the real estate agent about the property's history. Find local library records concerning the property. Speak to other real estate agents in the area about it.

The macro - You need to know about things surrounding the property.

  • The temper of the surrounding neighborhood
  • If the area has the type of people who will use the property
  • How much access there is to the property from roads or highways
  • Are there other, similar, properties in the area
  • How the economy has treated businesses in the area

This is just a sampling of the things you will have to know. You need to know everything about the property and everything about the environment the property sits in.

To this end, you can,

  • Walk around yourself
  • Look into market trends in the area
  • Check the area out online
  • Find crime statistics for the area online
  • Speak to the locals

If you purchase a property, convert it to a strip mall, and then find that you cannot convince any clients to open up shop, then you wasted money. Even if you do convince people to open stores on your property, they may not make any sells if no one in the area has incentive to visit.

Keep these things in mind. Even after you get a look at the big picture, don't think it's all turnkey. You will have to put in work.

Springboard Your Research by Asking a Professional

Searching for an investment property isn't always easy. Evaluating one will require you to put in time and effort. However, it's important that you do these things rather than find out later that your investment was a poor one. When you speak to a real estate agent about the property, make sure to ask them everything you can about a potential property. They can help springboard your research.

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